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18 Nov

Specialist or Generalist? You Choose!


Posted by: Sally Smith

As banks and credit unions move their work force towards more of a generalist role, how much educated knowledge are you receiving from these individuals? Would you rather deal with someone with a fancy made up name or a Financial Planner with a professional designation, when it comes to your investment portfolio? Why would you not do the same with your mortgage? These are some very real questions in todays “banking world”.

What is a generalist role? Well in a nutshell it is someone that is a jack-of-all-trades. They are responsible for loans, mortgages and investments, banking transactions, new account openings and much, much more. Why are the banks/credit unions going this direction? What used to be 2-4 individuals focusing on different aspects, they can now have those same individuals doing multiple roles for the same cost. It is basically a cost benefit analysis. They will tell you it is so you don’t have to deal with more than one person and streamlines your banking. Does it? How much can one person know and how well can they know it? Are they working for your goals or theirs?

Being employed by an institution for 14 years, I can tell you that my passion was always mortgage transactions. My job role required me to do numerous other day-to-day transactions and hit goals that would take me away from my passion. As a Mortgage Specialist with Dominion Lending Mountain View, I can now focus solely on my clients and their mortgage process. Becoming a Mortgage Specialist is not easy it required me to complete UBC’s, Saunders School of Business Mortgage Brokering Course and exam. I am focused and determined to work for you in developing a strategic plan to minimize your interest costs!

Let me put this a different way. If you were a pitcher in the major leagues would you want a general coach or a pitching coach that is focused on your specific requirements?

Generalist vs. Specialist, who is the winner you decide? Contact me today to set up your free mortgage consultation or visit my Facebook page to stay up to date on all relevant information.